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What Do We Need to Carry Out the Job?

For top-quality rim repair, we need a few essentials at your service location, whether it's your home or workplace. This includes a covered area with a power supply for precise work. We're adaptable, so your driveway or office parking lot works for us.

After our service, your rims will be dry and ready to shine in about 30 minutes. Your satisfaction is our priority.

To complete your repair, we require:

  • Power source

  • Car keys (for wheel rotation)

  • Clean wheels (no silicone or oil)

  • Covered area (let us know if unavailable due to weather)

  • Safe workspace for our crewPayment upon or before completion via PayID, Card, Cash, or full prior to invoicing.

    Please understand that our arrival time may vary due to traffic. We'll contact you when we're on our way.

    We're thrilled to make your wheels look amazing again with our expert crew.

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